Congratulations to the 2019 KSS Scholarship Awardees

The most difficult task this year was selecting these finalists from 30 highly qualified and exceptional applicants. Each young woman in her own right from their academics, community outreach, school involvement in sports and leadership, was deserving of the KSS Scholarship We have every belief that each of these young women are our future. We wish each awardee and every applicant a rich educational experience and a future that matches their dreams. Kristin would be so proud to have them carry her dreams forward! Congratulations !


Mariah Boche 4.3 GPA School Leadership/Class Officer, Captain Varsity Cross Country and track, Community Service, After school Jobs, Atascadero High School, Atascadero

In ten years Mariah hopes to be an accomplished architect with her own architectural firm , she hopes to design places in the community, homes, offices, etc that encourage people to gather and socialize. She hopes to be married and enjoying traveling with her family.

 Sahila Shah, 4.21 GPA Leadership, Community Service, Varsity Basketball, School Leadership Roles, Mc Nair High School, Stockton

In ten years Sahila hopes to use her degree and education to return to Pakistan to organize a school for women and promote equality for women who are currently restricted from gaining access to education.


Leah Smith 4.19 GPA Leadership Roles in and out of School, Community Service, Nipomo High School, Nipomo

In ten years Leah hopes to be a forensic psychologist with the goal of making her community safer and using her voice to advocate for the needs of others. Her long term goal is make a difference in the world through her service to others.

 Joanna Mendoza 4.1 GPA Community Service, Leadership Roles at HS, Intern at Local Hospital, Health Careers Academy Stockton,

In ten years Joanna hopes to have a career in forensic science helping those in San Joaquin County who have been affected by tragedy and hopes to bring families a small sense of solace.  In her spare time she hopes to explore the world and visit new countries on her bucket list.


KSS Scholarship for Community Service

Madisyn Iverson  3.3 GPA Community Service, Varsity Gold Captain

In ten years Madisyn hopes to be an elementary teacher, traveling and meeting new people around the world. She wants to use her free time to give back to her community. After winning an essay contest several years ago she decided to use the award money as seed money to fund a toy drive for local SLO underprivileged children. Her hope was to raise awareness about Kristin through her toy drive.

Thank you to all who continue to hold Kristin in their hearts.

Your financial support helps deserving young women like these young

women pursue their educational and career goals denied to Kristin.

We know without question that Kristin would be honored by your generosity and support.

Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.
— Kristin's favorite motto

On May 25, 1996, Kristin Smart was abducted from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Our hearts are forever broken and our lives will never be the same since that fateful Memorial Day Weekend. The Justice for Kristin fund was originally established to help raise money for a reward that would encourage others to come forward, help law enforcement return Kristin, and allow our family to lay her to rest in the presence of those who love her.

After 21 years without answers or justice, we are embarking on a new path to honor Kristin's life, spirit, and ambitions. Law enforcement has not given up, nor have our family’s hopes and prayers. Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare, but the long fight for justice and answers has been an agony no family should have to endure. The heartache, the frustrations, the setbacks and disappointments have been a part of our everyday life. Kristin loved the dawn of each new day but always had a plan for the future. Sadly, her opportunity to live those dreams was violently taken away, we now have an opportunity to let her dreams and aspiration live on.   Through the Kristin Smart Scholarship her memory will live on and we can help other young women pursue their dreams.

A new and positive focus allows us to remember the sparkle in her eyes, the smile that  melted hearts, her dreams, and ambitions that were always on the table.  We know she would be honored to know that she is helping other young women reach their dreams. Your support and donation allows us to cherish our memories of Kristin with the knowledge that her dreams and ambitions  will live on, that her life continues to have meaning and she will be remembered. Giving back to the communities whose support has never wavered is an added bonus for our family.

The Kristin Smart Scholarship celebrates her life, hopes, dreams and ambitions – by empowering other young women to pursue their ambitions in Kristin's name. Thank you for your understanding and support, there is no greater acknowledgement of Kristin's life than allowing us to give back in her name !
-Stan & Denise Smart and family




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