As of August 10, 2017
$8,106.01 has been raised toward our $20,000 goal !  

Thank you to all who have donated, thank you for your kindness, support and generosity, every donation brings our family closer to reaching our scholarship goal. Your donations ensure that Kristin's memory, hopes and dreams live on by helping another young woman reach her academic goals.

We have had little to no voice over 21 years about how best to solve her case and/or give her justice. Kristin's scholarship allows us to direct our focus in a positive direction, with your support, we are ensuring that she will be remembered and that her life will continue to have meaning.  

We know she would be greatly honored by this scholarship and your support.
-Stan & Denise Smart and family


THank you to the following for their Donations

(AKA Angels for Kristin)
  • Cassandra Goehner
  • Gay Matthews
  • Teresa Longoria
  • Ashley Stabile
  • Ashlee Steward
  • Wendy Peaton
  • Sarah Sweeney
  • Marschall Stetson
  • Jeanne Du Bois
  • Sandip Patil
  • Margaret Heinz
  • Dave Congalton
  • Deb Cartmel
  • Monica Wilson
  • Denny and Lauren Ah Tye
  • James De Loach
  • Ann Sensibaugh
  • Mona Jennings
  • Denise and Craig Pearce
  • Jason Downey
  • David Nagy
  • Yanana Zovich 
  • Jason Len
  • Kerry Zenich
  • Elizabeth Lawrie
  • Gray and Linda Baker
  • Anonymous
  • Smart Family
  • Joe Hubbard
  • Dennis Mahon
  • Adrian and Jean Fenderson
  • Linda Barnett
  • Derek Hirata
  • Ken Fredrickson
  • Nina Pryor
  • Margot McDonald
  • Patricia Czach
  • Donald Henderson
  • Susan Dermody
  • Dallas Wireman
  • Silva Trucking
  • Bob and Linda Bailey
  • Roger and Jane Speed
  • Peter Lechowick
  • Anthony Mous
  • Julie Harold
  • Ellen Circosta
  • Samantha Louise
  • Patrick Logan
  • Charlene Daly
  • Mona Jennings
  • Virginia Schenk
  • Pam and Tom Mallet Jones
  • Denice Shigematsu